By Misscuentos




Why Africa? 
Why Kikuyu?

Africa is the heart of the world.
It is the origin.
It is the root from which we have moved away.
I have been appreciating for a while how we settle in the ephemeral, the ethereal, the volatile.
And how we transmit this behavior to our little ones.
Well, that´s a mistake.
It is necessary to return to the real world, to touch, to smell, to caress,
to feel…
Kikuyu embraces for her nearness, for her reality. The one that she disguises of fantasy across the magic of her stories and the fret of her fabrics.
Kikuyu travels across Africa to save the small Chabane.

Kikuyu is a story of stories… It is possible to discover a bit every night or explore it in a weekend.

Either way it will move you, as a child or adult, as traveling has always been a kind of birth.